LaBelle's Class Index 2019

Class 2 - September 12th & 13th

More about type, Adobe Fonts, Google Fonts and FREE fonts. BTW, if you had a tough time finding more word for your topic - don't forget We will be adding pantone colors along with understanding the differnece between using a cmyk palette & an RGB plaette. Also cutting out images (silhouetting) - PRECISELY

Class3 - September 19th & 20th

Mainly we will be cutting out images in photoshop; and wrapptng up of this project. CREATIVITY will count.
Also, a funny video about why FONTS are important - at least to SOME people.

Class 4 - September 26th & 27th

Well, you are done with your type Pattern Project. Now is the time to THINK about your REAL or FICTIOUS Invention. Just let your imagination go wild.
I will show you OTHER companies branding styles. Also why you can be so much more creative if you do RESEARCH on your idea to help inspire you. We go heavily into Illustrator for logo creation this week.

Class 5 - October 3rd & 4th

Master pages and gradients were covered. Samples of company style guides were shown. Also how your TYPE PATTERN should have worked. Coming Up - ORGANIZATION of your IDEAS are EVERYTHING including your Introduction Paragraph to your invention. Along with the PATHFINDER panel we will explore how other designers have jump started THEIR imaginations when tackleing the deisgn of a new project. We will download logos from this site.
Here's a preview:

Class 6 - October 10th & 11th

Focusing on a real presentation and how we sell it and explain to a potential investor.
We start off with all the pages and elements you will need.

Class 7 - October 17th & 18th

More Illustrator. Type and Pantone layouts will be finalized. Building a Menu with paragraph and character styles will be demonstrated. This is one of the most important classes I teach. Also, how to take printed type or type captured from a screen and turn it into LIVE/EDITABLE type.

Class 8 - October 24th & 25th

This week we worked further on our Service/Invention menu. There should be a brief descriptions. Our GOAL will be to ORGANIZE items in a clear consistant order using "STYLES". I sent a comprehensive list of everything that was due in Our Invention Project - this weeks site.

Class 9 - October 31st & Nov 1st

New Project - photoshop "A teaser" movie poster....The site here was an extensive review of Paragraph and Character Styles. A video on how too package your document was also included.

Class 10 - November 7th & 8th

The poster title is "The Boy Who Ran Away to the Circus". (Of course it can also be a girl) We looked at other teaser posters. A low resoution image became easier to work with when we RESed it up. By making the top background of a coffe cup taller, we could add steam to the coffee. We taped a picture to a chalk board using the SCREEN mode to make the tape look more translucent. MULTIPLY showed us how easy it is to add color to a B&W image.

Class 11 - November 14th & 15th

More of your Bendable Circus Clown or Carnival Nightmare Teaser Poster - showing the power of selection. How you can drastcially change color or tint images with adjustment layers. And we built a NEON sign - showing the power of selection.

Class 12 - November 21st & 22nd

All about Masks and type. Also creatinng an attention getting background or "power of the "motion blur" to show action. "Vanishing Point" putting your poster on a wall in Times Square-that goes around a corner-automatically.

Class 13 & 14 - December 5th and 6th

We went over how to find a DOMAIN name, and a WEB HOSTING company to park your Website. Went over basic .html, placed a container div, a nav bar and discussed the difference between h1 thru h6 headings. We changed colors and created our first link

Class 14 - December 12th

This will be our final class for the semester. Everything that is due will be on this page. You will still have a few more days to update and correct any past projects that you may want to get your grade raised. We will also POST our sites and make them LIVE. A little more deatil about CSS will also be included