Content Aware & More

Class 11
Assignment 3
  1. Creating NEON
    We had a lot of fun creating NEON type. The main tool here was "SAVE SELECTION". That's SELECT > Save selection. That will create an an ALPHA channel which is also a "mask"
  2. A lot about Selections & Paths -

    Also, when silhouetting something - try Inverting the mask for a more accurate cut
  3. Sometimes you might want to see your Masks (or saved selection) a little larger. Simply go to the Panel VIEW Options FLY-OUT window
  4. Manipulating Type
    A lot of effects can be created on your Titles by using this tool.
  5. The Cloning Tool
    Always Choose – Current and Below when cloning in the top Menu Bar
  6. Puppet Warp, Warp & Lquify Tool

Lot's More Effects in Photoshop
  1. Difference betwee a HiRes pdf and a low res pdf.
  2. MASKS!!!! This will involve Alpha channels
  3. Content Aware
  4. More bending and twisting
  5. Smart Objects
  6. Briefly go over Adbe Bridge
  7. Importance of Folders
Our First Poster should be done.
  • A well done Title, date it opens and if you want to have a tag line that would be extra credit. "When I Ran Away to the Circus"
  • Again, your file should be 14" x 21" file @ 280 ppi
  • It should use:
    1. A well done Title
    2. Well cut out images!
    3. Layers with some blending modes
    4. Content Aware
    5. Folders
    6. Contrast!
    7. Date it opens
    8. Must include some Twisting, Turning or WarpingWe'lldomore of that THIS week.
  • Take a close look at the "High Rise" poster
    In the end we will have 2 posters - This week we sill focucs on the MASKING Poster.
  • Please continue your RESEARCH!!! And be sure to bring back ALL your images that you researched last week.
  • Denise LaBelle's Computer Skills Class
    Class index HERE
    When RE-SUBMITTING a file for a better grade DO NOT forget to include my original graded PDF.