Project Checklist

And Brand Website

Class 12
Assignment 4

What Did We Cover?

  1. 6 Ways to Transform

    A) Simply click on ypur selection and DRAG to scale PROPORTIONALLY scale up or down. To strech you will need to hold down the SHIFT key. (This is new in 2019 and 2020)

    B) Edit > FREE TRANSFORM ≈ ⌘ T. This will give you the main 6 point TRANSFORM Frame. From here right click or hit the CONTROL key and you will get THIS fly out window.

    C) When your selection is active you can also warp from any point in that frame.

    D) The PUPPET WRAP - To become active you need to select the entire LAYER. So whatever you want warpped should be completely silhouetted BEFORE you warp. (This is actuaally good when we want to create an animate gif)


    A big favorite under FILTER is LIQUIFY. As a rule I like to keep my brush pretty big. Where you push or pull yourr pixeles will be LESS noticable. And we all had a great time with the new FACE filter in LIQUIFY. Check this Before and After.

  2. Masking type with an Image
  3. Check out MORE Layer MASK samples HERE.

What's Next?

Making a FREE LIVE website of your BRAND Project
  1. But first, we will bring our FINISHED posters to class. STILL, so many people do not know how to create bleed with crops in a pdf. I will also show you the DIFFERENCE between a hi-and low res pdf and why. So, we will bring our posters into InDesign and make a file sith BLEED and CROPS again.
  2. Vanihisg Point -your poster on Broadway.
  3. THEN, we will be working in a FREE web building site. You can download your BRANDING Project. And we will work from that.

What's DUE?

Both Posters will be Due. Here is your checklist.
It should use:
  1. Size 14" x 21" 280dpi photoshop file
  2. A well done Title - The title should be something like-"The Boy (or Girl) that Ran Away to the Circus"
  3. Poster should have date release. Also, the name of some studio that is producing your film. preferably keepit a SMART OBJECT.
  4. That you manipulated, twisted, Turned,Warpped or reshaped something in your poster
  5. Layers with some blending modes
  6. Folders (to help you organize)
  7. That one of your posters shows a lot of DEPTH or DISTANCE
  8. Contrast!
  9. Most, important - SECOND poster MUST use a mask that is NON-Destructive and interwines.That means that one of your files INTERTWINES with your title using MASKS. To just erase something does not count.
  10. Be sure to include your pdf of BOTH posters with Bleed and Crops like we did in class in InDesign