Assignment Number
What Did We Cover

  1. Facillis Client - In launch pad. You can store your work there int the DIC Student server. Also, MOUNT the DIC Teacher server and get information and handouts from the "For You Guys folder".
  2. Mechanicals in InDesign

  3. Using inches instead of picas
  4. Difference between FACING pages and single pages
  5. Using Crop marks, bleed and margins
  6. Adjusting tracking and kerning letters (space between letters) and rotating a text box
  7. Viewing and adding fonts from to an InDesign Document or ANY program
  8. Loading Minipics into FONT book
  9. Making our first low-res pdf
  10. Making the POINT SIZE of our type bigger and smaller.
    (Size Type ⌘,Shift,bracket)

Here's another sample of a
well done background panel