All About COLOR

RGB vs CMYK, Gradients and Silhouetting
Class 3
Assignment 1

What Did We Cover?

About Color

  1. How to load Pantone (PMS) colors and save them to your SWATCH panel. Also, how to and save percentages of those colors and keep them in your panel.This keeps you from having to resset your number each time. When loading Pantone colors you want to use the library PANTONE - SOLID COATED.
  2. We then created PASTELS of our loaded colors (Select color Shift, click new page) Your pastel will automatically be added to your swatch palette
  3. And we started MIXING our own CMYK colors
  4. We printed our PANTONE (Page 2) by creating a pdf using our a) Crops b) Page Informtion and c) BLEED – CHECKED
  5. Adding MORE pages to our document ⌘
  6. RGB vs CMYK - RGB is for the web and MONITORS. CMYK is for print. Millions of colors exist in the word of RGB. RGB blues will shift to a much darker color when converting to CMYK
  7. alked alot about MEMORY for your computer andhowtofind howmuch you have in your device.
  8. When Type goes BAD
  9. When TYPE GOES BAD - about Creating OUTLINES of your fonts
  10. When type comes in with a PINK BAR displayed, it means the font isn't loaded.You can either LOAD the font, OR you can go to FIND FIONTS (under Type in the Menu bar) and REPLACE it with a different font.

A Reminder About Packaging

What's Next?

  1. Fine tuning the workspace
  2. DEFINITELY - silhouetting an object and importing it into InDesign (Quick selectuion Tool, Magnetic lasso and Path tool)
  3. Rich Blacks
  4. Gradients - How to make as many blends as you can imagine in InDesign
  5. What is a trompe l'oeil illusions and what the BRAIN sees
  6. The Best way to print AND how NOT to get charged for printing.
  7. Bringing your pattern into Illustrator and making it - MULTIPLY automatically then making an Ad.
  8. My Contract with YOU -- I'll explain.

What's Due?

We're now done with this project. Above is a sample of a well done final Panel.

These are the elements that SHOULD be included:

1st Page – Your original design. Simple black, white or graycale. Remember you MUST have at least 5 different typefaces.

2nd Page – KEEP YOUR PANTONE CHIPS! Your design is using ONLY your 2 chosen pantone colors, plus black, white and shades of gray. You must use percentages of your 2 colors as well to create CONTRAST. Please change and improve your design on this page. Your creativity Will COUNT! The page should have some kind of tone that uses your bleed.

3rd Page - You need to insert a simple image SILOUHETTED. That means CUT OUT. This should be an entirely new design INCLUDING your silhouetted image. Use your GRID or Guides to find EQUIVACAL lines as a guide to create a final pattern, ANY colors you want are OK! This page should also have colored tone that goes to the bleed in the background.

Please don't forget to bring in 2 or images to CUT OUT for your 3rd page.

Pepsi Art

Pepsi ad using an image with graphics around it.
All three pages need to be in ONE InDesign document 8" x 8". If you didn't print your PANTONE page in color with your 2 chips taped on top. If you didn't print your Pantone page 2 during class last week, please have it to hand in at the begining of class this week.