What if...

Introducing Illustrator's Power Tools for Logos
Class 4
Assignment 2
What Did We Cover?
Quick Tip
  • When you have too many folder windows open - if you hit the red button AND hold down the shift key - ALL your windows will close back into their original location.
Silhouetting out in Photoshop
  1. Finished up - using RICH BLACKS. A good formula is : cyan-30/ magenta-30/ yellow-30/ blackk - 100. Also why we SHOULDN'T use registration when you want to use black.
  2. We were all pretty good with the Quick Selection Tool/ I also showed you the Magnetic lasso, However, a lot of the times we may want to KEEP a MASK with our image in case we want to fine tune it better.
    A Mask basically hides (the black) part of your image and the white (like a window allows) your image to show through. And this worked pretty well
  3. We were all pretty good with the Quick Selection Tool/ I also showed you the Magnetic lasso.
BEST way is with a clipping path

Most of us made a selection of the "Pumpkin Puppy" with their QUICK SELECTION too.

save this path

You should then-make path, then SAVE that path in the PATH panel. The default will be Path 1 but you can name it anything you want. You do NOT need to delete the background if you don't want to.

You save the photshop file as a .PSD. Then in InDesign Menu File > PLACE or ⌘D OR drag and drop. If you drag and drop just make sure the image is also in your link panel.

How to print in GRAYSCALE - for FREE! Click for a video
What's Next?

  1. What is a trompe l'oeil illusions and what the BRAIN sees
  2. I'll SHOW you why you should research your Invention Idea
  3. Creating the Perfect Paragraph
  4. Master pages
  5. Lots and lots of Pathfinder in Illustrator
  6. Never got to - this last week.....My Contract with YOU -- I'll explain.

What's DUE?
I know everyone...THIS is what you have been waiting for. OK... here's another sample below:
It's important that your pattern look like a PATTERN - NOT a CD cover or a just illustration or design. Would it actually look good mutiplied across a wall?

We're now done with this project. It will be due no later than

MONDAY 23 at 11:59pm

These are the elements that SHOULD be included:

All three pages need to be in ONE . InDesign document 8" x 8".

1st Page –
Your original design. Simple black, white or graycale. Remember you MUST have at least 5 different typefaces.

2nd Page –
Has your PANTONE colors! Your design is using ONLY your 2 chosen pantone colors, plus black, white and shades of gray. You must use percentages of your 2 colors as well to create CONTRAST. Please change and improve your design on this page. Your creativity Will COUNT! The page should have some kind of tone that uses your bleed.

3rd Page -
Has a simple image SILOUHETTED. That means CUT OUT. This should be an entirely new design INCLUDING your silhouetted image - PWITH A MASK attached to your silhouetted layer. ANY colors you want are OK for this 3rd one! The page should also have colored tone that goes to the bleed in the background. You will NOT need any more print outs. You WILL need all your fonts and make sure your image is LINKED and in your IMAGES folder. Also you MUST have a pdf that shows
2) CROPS and

Be sure your file is RE-PACKAGED properly. Now compress/zip it. Then THURSDAY - Post to our Google Drive > Thursday Class> Patterned Type >RESUBMIT Folder.
FRIDAY - Will post to Cyberduck > Fall_Assignments > RE-SUBMIT. Great. DONE!