What Did We Cover
  1. A lot of ways to import your images at once
  2. How to do rounded corners
  3. Inserting large quantites of images into several image boes-quickly. Then AUTO-centering them 
  4. And creating several image boxes with the ARROW keys
    ILLUSTRATOR - Pathfinder Tools
  5. Built half a Heart, copied it, REFLECTED it, then merged it with the UNITE Tool,
    1. Unite-Merge
      Use GRADIENT MESH Tool. Next click inside where you want your highlight to begin. Click at a second point where you want your gradient to end.
  6. Type on a circle - reading BOTH ways. This line will be in the center of your type. Best viewed in Preview ⌘Y. (Cick image)
  7. Placing Images - You want to thinks of placing images in Illustrator like using a cookie cutter on your image.
    The path must ALWAYS be on top.
    Compound Paths
    If you need to place the SAME image into sevarl shapes
    like giving a word TEXTURE you need to make it a Compooundd Path
What Will We Do?
  1. Offset Path 

  2. Subtract Path -

  3. Divide Path -

  4. Blend Tool -

  5. Choosing BRAND colors form a photo can help. Using your eyedropper tool to pick out colors in your image and SAVE them to your SWATCHES Palette. Don't forget to change thse colors to CMYK- because they will ALWAYS come in as RGB

  6. Difference between linking, embedding and placing imgaes in Illustrator AND cropping them

  7. More about good and BAD logos.
    (For a start - STOP using FRAMES!!

  8. More about good and BAD logos.
    (For a start - STOP using FRAMES!!)
What is Due
  1. So far the size of our document is an easy going to be an easy 11" x 8.5" with bleed.

  2. Master Pages should be done, DONE, DONE. Along with the explantion of your invention

  3. You should have thought about FONTS which
    are good for the BODY, TITLES and SUB titles or headlines that reflect the feel for your company.

  4. All images should be placed by now.
    See last weeks info for catgories
  5. Please do a few logos like 5 before our next class.