Your Big Idea Comes Together

A check list for the project.
Class 8
Assignment 2

Offset Path

  1. This can be found under Menu - OBJECT > Path > Offset Path. or Effects Path Ofset Path Both are excatly the same.

    Die Cut

    We used it to create a PERFECT equidistant shape around our logo. That's if we wanted to make a pin or patch from our logo. The magenta line is called a . DIE-CUT . Usually it is colored MAGENTA. It is never this fat but I just wanted you to be able to see the line. A die-cut is ALWAYS vector.

    save this path

    Samples of more logos made with Pathfinder

    save this pathsave this path

Shape Builder Tool

We CLEANED-UP "watering can" excercise with this tool. If you think you're pretty good with tool. Try your skills at this fun little game.

Shape Builder - We used the watering can. This is very different from Pathfinder's MERGE or subtract tool.Shape Builder is a dance of SHIFT Key to add, OPTTION KEY to subtract. Also, click and drag your mouse across shapes to merge. Alot of info is on this little video

Freeform Gradient Tool

A. Active or previously used gradient B. Drop-down list for existing gradients C. Fill color D. Stroke color E. Reverse Gradient F. Gradient Annotator G. Color stop H. Mid point I. Color Picker J. Show or hide options K. Gradient types L. Stroke types M. Angle N. Aspect Ratio O. Delete Stop P. Opacity Q. Location R. Fill or stroke (with color) S. Color Stop T. Spread U. Freeform gradient V. Freeform gradient modes

Scanning & Acrobat

SCANNING properly - Don't forget when scanning a PRINTED image you must have the DESCREEN on. Also, you always want to be in PROFESSIONAL MODE.

Then ACROBAT can convert a Printed or Screen image Type in LIVE Editable Type pretty easily. So, open your file IN Acrobat and activate ENHANCE SCANS Whether it is a screen grab or printed keep dpi at least 150 to 300 to convert easily. Scripts and unusual typefaces won't be able to be read that well soyou may have issues. Fonts that are similar to helevetica and times roman work best.
A pictured pdf about scanning is in our "For You guys folder.

Reviewing all pages

a) We will go over Paragraph & Character styles again

b) Think of how you might want to display your menu of services. Build a VERY rough version in InDesign

c) We will go over creating a pattern from One of your logos and how THAT might turn into a "DESIGN ELEMENT"

d) And few more samples of what NOT to do

3) Mainly, I NEED all elements of this project. Please REPACKAGE before you bring your file back to class.

Your Invention - DONE and invented

Here's a good CHECK LIST for what I will be looking for. There are a lot of links - please check them out as comparisons.

1a Preliminary items - Is your file 11" x 8.5" and did yoou create bleed?
1b Do you have a MASTER PAGE and are you using it?
Page 1 - Opening introductory page - choose you final logo and that's what goes on front.

Page 2 - Description of your invention or business in one of your proposed company type facefaces. Please DON'T use minion or myriad ANYWHERE. At this point you should have thought A LOT about the hierarchy of font weights. This should basically be a VERBAL description Need samples? Here ya go. importance of Type Weights

Page 3 Clientle or customers - Who would want to USE your service or product. Note hall all these pages tie together. 3 SamplesPages

Page 4 AvailabilityWhere would you get it or how would you use it

Here's Opening Page Samples

Page 5 - Image of your Business or idea

Page 6 - This page of Opening Page Samples Pantone Colors & Company Typefaces will go on this page. Remember you want to choose "Pantone - Solid Coated" for those colors

Page 7 - The Big One - your Logo Page . We'll go over how to lay that out in class. It should simple be clean and organized. The winning logo should somehow stand out. That's 10 DIFFERENT logos brought into the logos page from Illustrator. Please stay away from simple Black and white logos.

Page 8 - This will be your MENU Page - it must show me your knowledge of Paragraph and Charater styles. Your comped 3D menu will also be on this page. This is BIG. We will be adding TABS to your file.

I know this is a lot this week- but we will have great project once we're done.