What Did We Cover

  1. Converting Printed or jpg Type in LIVE Editable Type- Scanning properly - Don't forget when scanninga PRINTED image you must have the DESCREEN on. You always want to be in PROFESSIONAL MODE.
    Now, open your file IN Acrobat and activate ENHANCE SCANS Whether it is a screen grab or printed set converting type from from a scan or a screen shot to actual type. Keep dpi at least 150 to 300 to converts at easily. Scripts and unusual typefaces won't be able to be read. Fonts that are similar to helevetica and times roman work best.

  2. Setting the WHITE Point. - If an Image doesn't have good contrast, use your LEVELS (⌘ B)then your white eydro tool to find the LIGHTEST spot. CLICK and your image should be balanced

  3. InDESIGN - Style Guides
  4. Paragraph Styles
    You start here. Never use the first line ALWAYS create your own NEW style-like Main Body.

    Character Styles - Used for a single words, letter or phrase NOT a whole pargraph. IMPORTANT, a character style OVERRIDES a pargraph style.

    If you get the plus sign it only means you style has somehow been modiied, (most likely) by you. Just hit the OPTION key and it will return to the default.
What Will We Do?

  1. Making a hires pdf-what's the difference between small and
    large and why

  2. Hoping to go into BLENDING Modes in Photoshop
What is Due
  1. This project is NOW DONE!
    DO NOT- I mean DO NOT forget to RE-package your InDesign document. You DID forget? Oh okay, well here's a reminder. Okay NOW re package.😉