MERGE & The Perfect Heart

All we care about right now are ONLY
the first 2

Build half a heart, copied it, REFLECTED it,
then merged it with the UNITE Tool,

MESH Tool.
Next click inside
where you want
your highlight
to begin.
Click at a second point where you want
your gradient to end.

Shape Builder Tool We used the watering can here. It is a matter of OPTION to take away and SHIFT to add to a selection

And remember if there's a PREVIEW button Always have in on



MINUS FRONT & The 3D Sprocket

Golden Wheel

Create a perfect Circle (hold down shift key) Put a guide in center. Create your first oval on TOP over the LARGE circle. Copy & rotate oval 22.5° to the right. Once half way around. Duplicate & REFLECT.
If it is like the small one at the top, then use MINUS FRONT
Then under effects, open up 3D. Extrude is at a default of 50 pt. Adjust to a higher number if you want it deeper.. Once done. Don't forget to EXPAND APPEARANCE.