What Did We Cover


  1. Appearance - Yes I know we did that rhe week before,
    but I wanted to remind you hwo poerful a tool it is.

  2. Type on a Circle - You will need to make 2 circle paths. Look for that little "T" in the center of the circle, then pull it down if you want your type to flip.
  3. Creating a Pattern - You must use only VECTOR art

    Just look under > OBJECT > Pattern. There's 5 different styles your pattern can go. Once you have one you like, save to PATTERN swatches. •  If you need to make your pattern smaller of bigger be sure to turn on TRANSFORM PATTETNS in your scale panel

  4. Pathfinder -
    All we care about right now are ONLY the first 2 UNITE & MINUS FRONT 
  5. Pathfinder - Blend Tool - We created "The Fancy Pencil" The difference between the BLEND tool and a Gradient is that the blend can have ANY kind of shape based on siple the PATH your create - as seen below here.

  6. Pathfinder - DIVIDE - cuts the artwork into separate pieces wherever shapes overlap. Color attributes of the original shapes are not changed. As seen here: