What Did We Cover



  1. MINUS FRONT - From Pathfinder for cutting a path OUT in your original path.(How to make the wheel) Click to remebr how to do this. Minus front is very handy for making all kinds of CLEAN logos Wheel

  2. OFFSET PATH - If you have a letter or a shape and you want to make it precisely bolder or fatter. THIS is the way to do it. - then click run
  3. InDesign - Style Guides

    PARAGRAPH Styles
    You start here. NEVER use the first line ALWAYS create your own NEW style-like Main Body.
  4. CHARACTER Styles
    Used for a single words, letters or a phrase NOT a whole paragraph. IMPORTANT, a character style OVERRIDES a pargraph style.
  5. CHARACTER Styles
    Clean Up

    If you get the plus sign it only means your style has somehow been modiied, (most likely) by you. Just hit the OPTION key and it will return to the default.

If applying PARAGRAPH STYLES and CHARACTER STYLES to your Menu is still a bit confusing. Perhaps this tutorial will help.