Next Week A NEW Assignment

We will be diving BACK into photoshop and doing a Music/Band Poster. Pick your favorite Artist. We will pretend they are releasing a new album with an accompaning tour. All you need to think about is what artist you would like to do the Tour Posters for. Look for images to work with at the begonning of class or sooner. It will be called the Escape Tour. We will be doing 3 posters.
• Review of the Editorial•

Bi-Level tiffs SOLID - We changed an RGB image into GRAYSCALE (IMAGE > MODE > Grayscale) When you PLACE that image into IN Design or Illustrator you can CONVERT the BLACK into any color in your swatch panel. The white part or FILL of your picture box can also be turned into any color.

CLEAR - If you want the back-ground to be TRANSPARENT you need to change the file to BITMAP. Save OUTPUT to 900 or higher
. AND an indexed colored gif will also change color and be transparent.