What Did We do?
  1. Facillis Client -In launch pad.You can store
    work there. You WILL be getting tools and items from me there

  2. Universal Type Client - A great way to see
    and load fonts for use in ALL your programs.
  3. Working with aliases
  4. Mechanicals in InDesign

  5. Using inches instead of picas
  6. Difference between FACING pages and
    single pages
  7. What equivical lines are
  8. Moving and rotating- Hold down shift key rotation will snap to 45° angles
  9. Adjusting tracking and kerning letters
    (space between letters)
  10. Adding pages
  11. Viewing and Addding fonts from the DIC fonts AND from Dafont.com to an InDesiign document
  12. Creating a low res pdf.
  13. Adding crops to the mechanical (file).
  14. Here's a sample of a well done background panel
  15. Printing to our printers.