The Credit Block

Click on image

1. Note the inserted Painted logo.

2. Movie "bugs" are lined up

3. Color matches rest of block

4. Note that I have "hidden characters" turnd on in InDesign, so I can see how many spaces are in between words


Oscar Worthy Posters

All the fine details of a Professional Poster

Here are samples of the 3 kind of Posters I will be looking for. All 3 posters should come from ONE script choice. ALL should have a tag line, credits and a few fake reviewer quotes

FIRST poster is of your own design
Note that this poster uses
blending modes, masks. and has a full credit block at base.
All posters should have their taglines and at least 5 BUGS
that go well with poster. I'll talk about this week in class

One of the posters should have
a hand-done title

Dances with Wolves Tritone

Your SECOND poster
should be using the TRI-TONE we did
in class Poster. Choose any 3 Pantone colors to create your poster.
Here's more INSPRATION
for your tritone

Also, some of Matt Taylor's Tri-tone
and Quadratone layout's
And YES you CAN have SOME of your poster tritone and SOME - RGB

Your THIRD poster should have
EXTREME Close Up and
EXTREME distance

All 3 are to be VERY different.
Imagine if you were my friend TONY EDESTEIN and had to do
THIS many for

Here's your Checklist:

  1. Are you images sharp and silouhetted clean?
  2. Is EACH poster really DIFFERENT?
  3. Lastly, ask yourself, does your poster look like a REAL movie poster?