What Are We Doing

This will be an IN - CLASS ASSIGNMENT for a GRADE

Please bring to an old resume - IF you have one.
If not no big deal we will work on it in class. I'll be passing out information from
Career Development as well.
NEXT Week: We will have a special "headhunter" Recruiter - Carmela Davis

What's DUE for the last clases

Just like last semester If you're going to improve any of your past work nw is the time to RE-HAND it in, t's graded in terms of importance on a 10pt scale

Here is how the assignments break down.

All InDesign projects must be packaged.
Be sure to include all fonts and a lo-res pdf of your file AND my original pdf that had my comments. This shows me that you improved upon what ever were my issues.

1st - Wix site Project - Web interfacing - 1 points

2nd - Editorial - InDesign - 2.25 points

3rd - Movie Poster - Photoshop - 2.0 points
a) the Main poster
b) the Tritones
c) Extreme Foreground & Backgroud

4th - Portrait - 1.5 points

5th - 3D Project - 1.25 points
How you get YOUR image or images to interact with your type is
KEY to this grade

6th - Resume - .75 point

7th - Lipton's Green Tea Logo - 1.25 points
In class assignment - Take your BEST logo then put it on a 3D canYou are to hand in the Illustrator file along with your phootshop file

If you are happy with your grade as is - put an EMTPY Folder in the main folder that says - like the yellow: "Keep Current Grade"

My project got corrupted. What do I do?

Let your grade stand as is, because you made no improvements. OR re-do it!! This is the time to re-do and correct what comments I made