What Did We Cover?

  1. Reviewed Find and Replace Missing Fonts under: TYPE> Find Font. Also, if fonts won't render, then use:: Create OUTLINE-under TYPE
  2. How to print in GRAYSCALE - for FREE! ALSO, avoid printing double sided aswell. Click for a video

  3. An easier way to IMPORT a photo with a clipping path from photoshop. Besure to SAVE the workpath.It willnow be a PATH one. Now,in same side panel go to clipping path,hit OK.Save as a .psd. You can now import into InDesign without removing your back ground or adding a mask
  4. Everyone seemed to love taking one of our panels (preferabley page 2) in a mutiple pattern in Illustrator pattern. Best would be to take that page and make it a separate file, then CREATE outline s for ALL the type. Now Save as a pdf so you can open it in Illustrator