Printing & Contract

How to Print Grayscale and NOT pay
ALSO, avoid printing double sided as well.

My Contract with You
I went over this in class and gave a few print outs to people. In case you weren't here OR you need to revie it at some time.
Just click here. What's Next?

  1. Makinging our Painted Title into Illustrator, THEN into photoshop as a SMART OBJECT

  2. More about Alpha Channels and Editing your layer Mask

  3. Artificially make a low res file
    appear HI-REZ,

  4. Overlay and Color mode

  5. Wrap and Puppet Warp Tool

  6. Liqidation Filter

  7. Masking part of TYPE to make it LOOK like it is going INSIDE s
  1. Be prepared to talk about the character. You should have chosen your script from last week. So, have an IDEAS of where you want this poster to go.

  2. Begin with 14" x 21" 280 dpi photoshop file.
  3. Bring your Scanned or Photographed TITLE

  4. We will be doing 3 posters.
    The GOAL of the first poster will be
    The EXTREME Perspective with the Painted title.

    A great site for seeing professional samples of ANY Movie Posters.
IMPORTANT Class Change

I found out from Adam Sarsfield that the Tests are NEXT Saturday February 23rd So we will have our special class SUNDAY February 24th