What Will We Do
  1. We will start with

    All the different TRANSFORMATIONS:

    Skew • Distort • Perspective, • Puppet Warp
  2. How to make all kinds of Half-tones

  3. Using Folders and Linking

  4. HUGE!!! Something I forgot - One that uses Layer Masks so that something INTERTWINES with your title. I'll show you how to do this first thing in class check out these samples.
    Layer Masks

What IS Due

  1. Bring back our 14" x 21" 280dpi photoshop file
  2. Our Goal is to have 3 complete posters.

  3. One of the posters Must have a painted LIVE TRACE title. It doesn't matter whicjh poster you put it on.

  4. Version ONE will be our FORCED pespective:

  5. Version TWO will will have TYPE inertwining with an object in your poster - that I will showw you how to do on Saturday.

  6. Version THREE will be your own concept - whatever you'd like to do

  7. ALL POSTERS must include a
    Credit Block. Well go over that as well
  8. Also, we will include 5 BUGS as part of that credit block