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Photoshop - Cheap Tricks

Assignment 6


Here are samples of the 3 kind of Posters I will be looking for. All 3 posters should come from ONE script choice. ALL should have a tag line, credits and a few fake reviewer quotes. All posters need to have the DATE it opens..

click BELOW
FIRST poster uses
blending modes, has a full credit block at base. But mainly, one of the posters should have a hand-done title Plus at least 5 BUGS
that go well with your poster. I'll talk more about that this week in class

Your SECOND poster
should be using the TRI-TONE we did in class last week. Choose any 3 Pantone colors to create your poster. Here's more INSPRATION
for your tritone

Also, some of Matt Taylor's Tri-tone and Quadratone layout's
And YES you CAN have SOME of your poster tritone and SOME - RGB. Talk about that further in class

Your THIRD  poster should have EXTREME Close Up and EXTREME distance

All 3 are to be VERY different.
Imagine if you were my friend TONY EDESTEIN and had to do
THIS many for

  1. Are you images sharp and silouhetted clean?
  2. Is EACH poster really DIFFERENT?
  3. Lastly, ask yourself, does your poster look like a REAL movie poster?

The Credit Block

2. Movie "bugs" are lined up

3. Color matches the rest of your poster.
This credit block also contains something called an ANCHORED text box.
I will show you that his week