Layers & Blending modes

Class 4

Assignment 2
  1. Large IMAGE Search
    Always look under > Tools > Large The bigger the better Also, Rachel Won provided us with this great site with HI-res images
  2. Background layer
    Won't erase a until it is a layer 0 (Double - click and it will turn into one.)
  3. Easy Copy

    Coping from layer another photoshop file: just Duplicate layer, pull the drop down menu, find your photoshop document and hit OK. You image will now be on your DESTINATION file without pushing a bunch of other files out of the way.
  4. Making a Small Image Appear Sharper

    Rezing Up - a LOW RESOLUTION picture. First you can't fix something that has too few pixels. It only works on a "relatively good image" View Layers Go to IMAGE > Image Size > bring your 72ppi up to 100px. Perhaps adjust levels and do AGAIN.

    Then go to (FILTER > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask). Adjust your anmount, radius and threshhold of your image. Be sure to have your "preview" button clicked on. You also don't want the preview so sharp that you start getting a "halo effect" Click for the VIEW LAYERS image.
  5. Blending modes
  6. Screen

    Everything that is DARK will became transparent. Best used to add smoke, fire, clouds or anything where your want the image to be sort of trnasparent AND your want the next bottomlayer to read clearly.

    SCREEN mask used over Cheerleaders


    Everything that is WHITE will became transparent. Black line work will hold

Lot's More Photoshop
  1. Masking
  2. Bending, Twistiing and all that Warps
  3. Liguify
  4. A bit more about Blending Modes_ We never got to MULTIPLY.
  5. Adding Credits
First off -- AN IDEA!! -

"What imagery will attract people to your film and get them to actually pay money to SEE your movie?"

Your document should be 14" x 21" @ 280 ppi. We built this in class. Here is a fabulous webiste show entire campaigns in high resolution. Just ckick. IMP Awards
In the end we will have 3 posters

  1. One will use a HAND painted title, then we will bring it into Illustrator's "LIVE TRACE"
  2. Another will show perspetive or extreme CONTRASTING in distance
  3. The last has the type intertwing with a MASK - more about and samples on Saturday

  4. Now want soemthing fun? Check out WORST posters of the year-pretty funny

    Just bring in A LOT of Images. Have at least TWO of the posters started.
    As promised here are some of the great links I showed in class. And some I didn't have time to show.

    So everyone - check IMP AWARDS And be inspire you!

Denise LaBelle's Computer Skills Class
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All art work should contain CRAP (whuuut?) Contrast.Repetion.Alignment.and Proximity.