Getting and Being Inspired
What Did We Go Over?

  1. Reminded you to use your bleed almost ALWAYS and to Package your InDesign document.

  2. Master Pages

    A Master Page is a nonprinting page that you can use as the template for the rest of the pages in your document. Master pages are used when you want to create several pages they might have one or more elements that you want to look exactly the same. OR to edit something slightly while it maintains most of that pages properties - like the subect of a page.

    Multiple Master Pages - Design allows you to make sevaral Master pages which can also be reorderd to your liking. This will be hand for you prtfolio whem you will want to make separate SECTIONS for your book.
    To UNLOCK- Any element on a page- just hit ⌘, shift and click

  3. Aligning Items
    Don't take a lot of time trying to get itemms perfectly aligned or spaced Let the program do it.Under:
    WINDOW > Object & Layout: is ALIGN
  4. Distribute spacing is the trick that makes everything what ever spacing you'd like.

    Step and Repeat - A great tool for when you want to have a lot of items in a row or coloumn. That's EDIT: Step and repeat

  5. Gradients - There are so many effects you can do without even leaving InDesign like - simple gradients. Once you have made that gradient, just ADD to your SWATCH panel. We experimented with both LINEAR RADIAL and The New FREEFORM Gradient